Hosted by a multi-award winning midwifery team

The Citywide 1-1 Team was formed in 2012, to look after women seeking care outside usual recommended pathways; or who have a range of maternal mental health needs.

Headed by Helen Dresner Barnes, the team is supported by a multidisciplinary group, including managers and obstetricians. The team works on a caseload model of care and are on call 24/7 for their caseload. Part of the service provided by the team is to give 1-1 care to those women with planned vaginal breech births, in conjunction with Consultant Obstetrician Dr Julia Bodle.

This collaborative team model was awarded The Royal College of Midwives’ 2016 ‘Excellence in Midwifery’ award.

The conference organisers are Helen Dresner Barnes and Dr Julia Bodle.