Kendra’s Story

Kendra had her baby Annika at the Jessop Maternity Hospital in Sheffield. Annika was delivered naturally by breech birth

Kendra Arkley was referred to the service after a growth scan confirmed her baby Annika was breech at 34 weeks.

“The birth was everything I could have wishes for and I felt really looked after. Everyone I spoke to said just have a c-section, but I decided I wanted to try to deliver my baby naturally. The Citywide 1:1 team were brilliant: they gave me extra scans, and put me at ease by checking fluids, size and position. I could contact them at any time during my pregnancy and everything just fell into place as soon as I met them. They had all the experience, and I was supported by a big team during labour so I felt really safe. My daughter Annika was born naturally without any complications just over a month ago, and I’m really enjoying being a mum – apart from the sleep deprivation of course.”